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The Twilights of Our Hearts Chapter Four: Changes

     Twilight slowly opened her eyes and groggily sat up in her bed. She let out a light yawn as she looked over to where Spike should be sleeping. To her surprise, the young dragon was nowhere to be seen, and what surprised her even more was the fact that his bed was already made. 'This is… Different' she thought.
"Spike?" called the lavender mare.
Her only reply was silence.
     "Spi-" she began to call again, but quickly she realized where he must be. A slight frown began to form on her face as she let out a soft sigh. 'He's at Rarity's house' she thought, 'I guess I really did upset him last night.'
     Slowly the lavender unicorn began to trot towards the door, with the same depressed look on her face. As she walked, her sad eyes never left the ground. "I'm sorry Spike," she whispered.
     Suddenly, a scent of lemon and toast hit her snout. So, quickly she looked up, and let out a gasp of complete shock.
     The library was shining it was so clean, the books were all lined up so straight that she swore Spike would have needed a ruler to do it, and there wasn't a single speck of dust in the entire room.
     As Twilight stared in awe at the spotless library, a young dragon came walking out of the kitchen. He was holding a tray with a plate of toast, scrambled eggs, and daises; along with a glass of orange juice.
Quickly the little dragon looked up at her and said "Aw man! I was hoping that you'd still be asleep when I brought this up to you. Oh well."
Twilight blinked a few times out of sheer shock. "Sp-Spike? What is all of this?"
The purple dragon let out a light chuckle. "Oh Twilight, I just thought, after all that you've been doing, I should do something in return."
"B-But Spike this is just… Wow."
Spike smiled a bit. "It's the least I could do Twi. Now come on down here and get your breakfast."
Twilight began to smile slightly. "Oh, yes."


     As Twilight trotted into the kitchen, she couldn't help but notice how clean it was, just like the rest of the library. She was still having trouble figuring out how Spike managed to do all of this while she was asleep, and furthermore, why did he do it?
"Well, sit down," said Spike, who was already sitting at the table, with his own breakfast. He was eating a plate of eggs with sapphire shavings mixed in with them.
"Oh, of course," replied Twilight as she pulled out a chair.
Spike continued to eat his breakfast, but he couldn't help but feel curious about Twilight's expression. "Are you okay? You seem… off."
"Yeah, I'm fine it's just… Why did you do all of this Spike?"
"Well, it's like I said; you have been being really nice to me and I wanted to return the favor."
"But Spike, this is just so much more than what I've done."
The young dragon just threw his hand forward. "Don't worry about it Twilight; just enjoy your breakfast."
Twilight had almost forgotten about the plate in front of her. Quickly she looked down and replied "Oh, right."
As Spike was beginning to finish off his eggs, he looked up at Twilight and asked "So, are you doing anything tonight?"
The lavender mare swallowed a mouth full of eggs and looked at her scaly friend with a very confused look on her face. "What? Why?"
Spike just shrugged. "I don't know. I was just thinking maybe we could do something."
"Us? Do something? Spike, I've been your best friend for sixteen years, and not once have you ever asked me that."
"Well I just figured why not? Let's just say that it's a celebration of me getting over Rarity."
Twilight shrugged a little. "Sure, why not? I'm free anyways. So what were you thinking of doing?"
The young dragon took his, now empty, plate and went over to the sink. "Oh I don't know. A movie or dinner maybe?"
Twilight let out a small laugh. "Dinner? Spike I swear if any of our friends see us they're going to think we're on a date."
Spike's cheeks turned a bright crimson, and he tried his best to hide it as he washed his plate. "Oh, well I was just thinking of that because we have a lot of catching up to do. Hey, maybe we should do that instead of a movie; I mean you can't talk in one of those."
Twilight giggled a bit. "Okay, fine we'll go to dinner, but I am not explaining this if we run into one of our friends."
The young dragon forced a fake laugh as he placed his plate on its rack. "Oh don't worry; I'll do the explaining. Besides I think the only pony we might run into is Rarity, and I think it'd be a little fun to mess with her."
The lavender mare let out a small laugh. "You're terrible Spike. You know that?"
Spike smiled slightly as he walked back over to the table. "Oh I'm all too aware of this Twi."
Twilight just smiled. "So where were you thinking?"
"Well I was thinking about that new fancy place in downtown."
"Spike that restaurant costs a fortune. How are we going to afford this?"
"Oh Twilight, did you think that I was working for Rarity out of love?"
The lavender unicorn let out, yet another, laugh. "Wow, you're terrible and evil."
"Oh I only learn from the best."
Twilight eyed Spike with a questioning look. "What's that supposed to mean?"
The young dragon's face instantly began to burn a bright red. "Oh no! I meant Rarity!"
The lavender mare couldn't help but bust out laughing. "Oh."
Spike let a few chuckles escape himself. "Okay, well you go ahead and finish up your breakfast. I'll be upstairs if you need me." And with that the young dragon left.


     Spike was sitting upstairs writing in his journal about what had just happened. He couldn't help but have a wide grin painted across his face as he wrote.
"March, 29th
     I just asked Twilight out on a "friend date" and she said yes. I can't wait until tonight. I'm going to try to act casual, but I'm thinking about dropping subtle hints. Hopefully she'll begin to figure it out without me screaming I love you. But then again, Twilight has never been one to figure these kinds of things out on her own. Honestly I don't think she's ever been on a date period. But just because I haven't either doesn't mean that I haven't been trying; I'm just a little upset that I've been trying for the wrong one."


     Twilight was standing downstairs at her pedestal, smiling as she wrote in her journal.
"March, 29th
     This morning Spike did a lot of things I couldn't believe. First he cleaned up the entire library and arranged all of the books. I swear the place has never look this clean in the entire time that I've owned it. Then he made me a delicious breakfast. I never really knew that Spike was such a talented cook until today. Oh and one more thing, he asked me out on a friend date. I couldn't believe it. We've never done anything together in all of the years I've known him. And of all the places he could have chosen; he picks the fanciest restaurant in all of Ponyville. I swear, if I didn't know any better, I'd think he was trying to take me out on a REAL date."
     As she closed her journal and placed her quill back in its ink jar, Twilight let out a slight laugh. 'Spike and I on a date? Yeah right!' she thought as she giggled a bit.
     The lavender mare then trotted over to her bookshelf and began looking over its contents. "Ah, here we go," she said as she levitated a book out of its place.


     Spike stepped out of his room and over looked the library to see that Twilight was sitting in the middle of the room. Quietly, he walked down the staircase and made his way over to her.
"What are you doing Twi?" asked a curious dragon.
The lavender mare quickly looked up at him and replied "Oh, I was just reading one of my stories."
As Spike walked over to her side he looked over the pages. "What's it about?"
"Um, it's a romance novel. I doubt you'd like it."
"Well, could I still read it with you?"
Twilight instantly had a very confused look on her face. "Uh, sure, but I'm telling you that you're not going to like it."
The little dragon laid down on his stomach and began to read the first few lines. "Well we won't know until you let me try."
"Um, okay. If you say so."
     As Spike began to read along with Twilight, he could immediately tell that she was indeed right about him not liking it. The page Twilight was on seemed to be about these two unicorns that have to go their separate ways, despite how much they cared about each other. However Spike wasn't quite sure why they had to leave. He just assumed that it was on some other pages from earlier.
     Despite how dull the story seemed to Spike, he decided to scoot a little closer to Twilight, because in all honesty, the little dragon couldn't care less about the book, he just wanted to be closer to the mare that he cared about.
Twilight felt Spike moving up beside her, so she turned to him and asked "Uh, Spike? What are you doing?"
"I couldn't see," lied Spike.
Not thinking much of it, Twilight just went back to reading.
     The little dragon continued to read along with her, but as he did so the words began to blur into one another as his eyes kept threatening to close. Spike tried to fight it, but the only way he could was to move and he did not want to do that, considering how close he was to Twilight. 'Come on Spike. Stay awake!' he thought. However, the young dragon's battle for consciousness was ultimately a losing one. 'Must stay awa…' thought Spike as his eyes slowly closed.


      The little dragon was still lying next to Twilight, when he looked up at her and tapped her on the shoulder. She slowly closed the book they were reading and looked over to him, with a puzzled expression on her face.
"What is it Spike?"
The purple dragon blushed and smiled at her. "Twilight, there's something I need to tell you."
The little dragon looked down and quickly looked back up. "Twilight, I kind of have a crush on you. I don't know what you think of me, but I just really think that you should know. It's just that I-"
     Suddenly Spike was cut off when the lavender mare pressed her lips to his. His eyes instantly widened in shock, but he slowly closed them and leaned into the kiss as well.
After a few more seconds, Twilight pulled away from Spike and smiled. "I was worried that it was just me."
"S-S-So, you like me too?" stuttered Spike.
Twilight let out a slight giggle. "Yes, Spike. I've always liked you."
Quickly, the little dragon jumped up and pulled Twilight into another kiss.


     As Twilight continued to read her book, she could feel Spike snuggling up next to her. Quickly, the lavender mare looked over to him. "Spike, what are you… Oh."
     'I told him he wouldn't like it' thought Twilight as she looked down at the sleeping dragon. He had a wide smile on his face as he slept, which caused Twilight to return one. 'You know I don't get it' she thought, 'Why would Rarity turn him down. I mean he's actually turned out to be a very handsome dragon. If I were her I surly would have said yes.'
Spilight/Spike x Twilight fanfic.


After Rarity falls for a new prince, Spike is infuriated. Twilight finds him in their bedroom seething with anger, so she decides to calm him down as best as she can.
Later that night Spike begins to have dreams about Twilight. At first they horrify him, but eventually he begins to like them. Then he finally begins to understand why he keeps having them; he's in love with Twilight, but will she return his affection?

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[The image is not my own. All credit goes to :iconjenasu:]
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