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The Twilights of Our Hearts Chapter Two: Giving In

       Spike was walking along the streets of Ponyville with one arm around Twilight. They both kept looking over at each other with about the same grin on their faces.
"You know what I can't believe?" asked Spike.
"What?" replied Twilight.
"That it took me so long to realize it."
"Realize what?"
"That you were the one."
     Twilight could feel tears of joy beginning to form in her eyes, but before she could let one escape, she closed her eyes and kissed Spike. She couldn't help but cry; after all that was the nicest thing anypony, or dragon, had ever said to her.  
After a moment Twilight pulled away and said "Spike, you have no idea how much I love you."
Spike lifted up a hand and slowly began to wipe away Twilight's tears. "Trust me. I'm pretty sure I love you more."
     Twilight chuckled slightly and sniffled. Suddenly she threw her hooves around Spike and pulled him into a tight embrace.
Spike smiled and kissed Twilight on the cheek. "I'm never going to leave you," he whispered.
Twilight couldn't talk. She was trying too hard not to break down crying, so she did the next best thing to show Spike what she was feeling. The lavender mare pulled back from the embrace just enough so that their eyes met. Then she pressed her lips to his and wrapped the young dragon into an even tighter hug.


     Spike suddenly returned to conciseness and almost immediately, he lifted his head out of the comic book that it was resting on. As the memories of his dream came back to him, Spike's face had only one emotion present; confusion. "Holy crap," he whispered.  
"And you thought studying was boring," joked Twilight.
     Spike looked around the library to find his lavender friend standing next to a bookshelf, eyeing him with a slight smile. This caused the young dragon's face to turn white.
Twilight's happy expression quickly changed to that of concern as she looked over at her scaly friend. "Spike, are you ok."
     The little dragon couldn't reply; he was just petrified with fear. Spike could feel his heart racing as she looked at him. There was no way in Equestria that Spike was ready to see Twilight after a dream like that.
Twilight began to grow worried as she looked at Spike's blank expression. "Spike, what's wrong?"
The little dragon slowly began to regain his composer, and said the only word he could. "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh."
Twilight began to trot towards the little dragon; convinced that something was truly wrong. "Spike, do I need to get doctor Hoof?"
"N-No," stuttered Spike, "I-I-I'm okay."
Despite Spike's answer, the lavender mare proceeded to walk over to him and placed the back of her hoof to his forehead. "Well you don't seem to have a fever."
The purple dragon almost wanted to jump out of his scales when she touched him.
Twilight looked into the young dragon's eyes and placed a hoof onto his shoulder. "Are you sure you're okay? I've never seen you act like this. Did something happen?"
"N-N-No, nothing happened. I-I-I-I'm fine."
Suddenly it almost seemed as if a light bulb had gone off in Twilight's head. "Hey, did you dream of something? Is that why you're freaking out?"
"N-No, I don't remember my dream," lied Spike.
Twilight took her hoof off of Spike's shoulder and said "Well okay, but promise me you'll tell me if something's wrong. I don't want any of my friends to feel bad, especially not my best friend."
"Okay Twilight. I promise."
Twilight smiled slightly. "Thank you Spike… Oh while you were sleeping, I took it upon myself to fix up your journal."
Spike's eyes widened and he immediately jumped up to his feet. "You did what!?"
Twilight giggled slightly. "Relax Spike. After having an assistant who breaths fire I've learned more than a few spells on repairing books. Some of which don't involve me opening them."
"Did you use one of those spells!?"
Twilight giggled a bit more. "Yes Spike, I did. I promise you that my eyes never saw one word."
Spike instantly let out a, well needed, sigh of relief. "Thank you Twi."
"You're welcome Spike. I left it upstairs on your bed."
     The little dragon began to walk towards the staircase, but before he started up them, he turned towards the lavender unicorn. "Thanks again Twilight." And with that the dragon ran up to their room and over to his bed.
     Spike quickly snatched up his book and went over to Twilight's pedestal for the ink and quill. Almost instantly he placed the book onto the pedestal and opened it up. Spike looked over the sheets of paper and saw that each one looked just as new as the day he received it, besides the fact that he had written on most of them. As Spike continued to turn the pages, he quickly found a blank page in the book. Wasting no time, the young dragon picked up the quill and began to write.
"March, 18th
     Last night I had a rather odd dream about Twilight. In it we were apparently dating or something, because we were lying in bed together and she said that she loved me! Then she kissed me! But that's nothing compared to the dream I had this morning. In that one, Twilight and I were walking down the street and for some reason I said that she was the one. Then we both said a bunch of other romantic stuff and she kissed me several times.
     Why do I keep having these dreams! Twilight is my best friend after all! This is just really weird for me. It's not like I have a crush on her now, right?"
     The young dragon slowly closed his journal and placed the quill back into its ink jar. As he sat at the pedestal he continued to think about that last sentence. "I don't have a crush on her… Do I?"
Spilight/Spike x Twilight fanfic.


After Rarity falls for a new prince, Spike is infuriated. Twilight finds him in their bedroom seething with anger, so she decides to calm him down as best as she can.
Later that night Spike begins to have dreams about Twilight. At first they horrify him, but eventually he begins to like them. Then he finally begins to understand why he keeps having them; he's in love with Twilight, but will she return his affection?

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[The image is not my own. All credit goes to :iconjenasu:]
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P/S - Unresolved Sexual Tension - the basis of all shipping fanfics x)
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