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Learning to Forgive
Chapter Two: You’re Not Alone

    Through the cool night air trotted two regal Alicorns, one lavender the other pink. Each was sporting the most exquisite gowns in all of Canterlot. They giggled and laughed as they talked about their prior meeting with the zebras and Hooviets. It was quite obvious they were most pleased with the outcome.

    “Did you see the look on that Zebra’s face?” giggled Cadence.

    Twilight let out a laugh. “When I stood up, I thought he was about to wet himself! And look who’s talking Mrs. We will end all trade!”

    The pink Alicorn rolled her eyes. “Well it got his attention, didn’t it?”

    Twilight chuckled a little. “Wow, we really should have become actresses instead. We’d make a killing!”

    Cadence smiled to Twilight before looking to a guard standing at the castle gates. Instantly, he stepped forward and began to open the massive entrance. As he did so, the metal creaked and groaned as you’d expect from such an old castle.

    “So,” began the lavender Alicorn, shooting Cadence a playful look. “Shining still in the dog house?”

    Cadence giggled. “What do you think?”

    “I’ll take that as a yes then.”

    Before either of the two mares could look up, a second guard noticed their approach and began to open the doors to the majestic castle. Inside was an absolutely pristine galley. Its shimmering white walls were adored with massive silk flags of Equestria, each only inches away from the ceiling and floor. At its center was a huge stair case carved of the finest marble which lead to the rest of the castle’s many rooms. However, both princesses had seen this magnificent work of architecture and decorative skills many times before, so they didn’t pay much mind.

    Stepping inside, Cadence let out a yawn and stretched out her forelegs slightly. “Well, I’m beat. I think I’ll head back to my room.”

    The lavender Alicorn gave a yawned as well. “Yeah, I’m a little tired myself, but there’s a few things I need to get done.”


    As Twilight closed the door behind her, her cheerful expression quickly turned to one of sorrow. With the glow of her horn, she flicked on a few lamps and sighed. Looking to the nearest wall, she could see several pictures of her and Spike; some were from before they had moved to Ponyville, others after.

    Slowly, the lavender mare trotted over to one of the nearest photos. She gently rested a hoof onto its wooden frame and stared at it, her already dreary expression growing ever more sorrowful. The picture causing her greater distress was one of her and Spike, taken only days before he left. How she wished she could go to that day and take back everything she said, but she knew it was impossible based on her last encounter with time travel.

   Though such photos brought her great pain, she could never bring herself to actually put them away. Besides this, the only other thing she had to hold onto Spike was the castle in which she lived, for this very room she finds herself in now, is the same one that her and Spike shared many happy memories together. She tried to remember the better days, the fun times she had with him, but one thought was all it would take to shatter any pleasant illusion, instantly catapulting her into her dreary reality.

    Running her hoof along the polished wooden edge, Twilight could feel tears begin to well. She wanted to look away before she broke down, but found this to be impossible. So she said the only thing she ever could. “I’m sorry, Spike.”

    For the briefest moment, the thought of calling Cadence over crossed her mind; for she had always been there to comfort her in the past, but she told herself not to. It was likely that she had already fallen asleep anyways. So, she pulled herself away from the picture and trotted into the kitchen.

    After a few minutes, she had a kettle of water boiling. She hoped that some of her favorite tea would make her feel marginally better. It had always seemed to have a positive effect on her when thoughts of Spike would find their way into her mind, however tonight, they seemed stronger than usual.

    As Twilight stirred the steaming glass, she heard a sudden knock at the door. She sighed, not exactly wanting to entertain any visitors at the moment. Looking to her clock she saw that it was almost ten thirty. ‘This better be important,’ she thought.

     As she trotted over to the door, she heard the visitor knock once more. “One second,” she called back. Quickly, she opened the door and what she saw caused her very blood to run cold. There before her, stood Spike. Each of their expressions seemed to mirror each other’s with a mixture of fear and disbelief.
    Without either of them truly having to think about their next course of action, the pair instinctively wrapped their arms and hooves around each other. Neither of them could believe this was happening. They had both assumed that the other hated them more than anything, but in that moment, all of their fears were put to rest.

    Still holding Spike close, Twilight began to cry. “S-Spike? Is it really you?”

    The young dragon pulled back slightly and looked into Twilight’s eyes, tears lining his own. “Yeah Twilight, it’s really me.”

    Quickly, Twilight bridged the gap Spike had created. “Spike! I’ve missed you so much!”

    Spike could feel a few of her tears land on his scales, however he didn’t mind. All he cared about in that moment was that he was once more with a friend he thought he’d never see again.

    “I know Twilight, I’ve missed you too.”

    “B-B-But I thought you hated me.”

    Mentally flinching at those words, Spike took a step back. “Twilight, I have never and will never hate you.”

    The lavender mare smiled as she wiped a hoof across her eyes. “Well, do you wanna come in?” she asked, her voice still cracking.

    The young dragon wiped away a tear of his own. “Yeah, I’d love to.”


    As Spike took a seat on Twilight’s sofa, he noticed the several pictures adorning her walls. He quickly found himself lost in the memories of times long since passed. However, he was just as quickly, he found himself swept back into reality by Twilight’s cheerful voice.

    “I hope the guard didn’t give you too much trouble,” said Twilight as she took a seat next to him.

    Spike moved over slightly, as to grant her more room. “Are you kidding? Night Bright was one of the guards that were here when you and I were young, remember? It’s not like too many other purple dragons are requesting to see Princess Twilight you know?”

    The lavender Alicorn giggled slightly. “Yeah, I-I guess not.” Pausing briefly, Twilight allowed her joyous expression to take on a more serious tone for her next question. “Spike, why did you come back?”

    The purple dragon sighed before looking back to Twilight. “Twi, I came back because” Spike paused. “I came back because I couldn’t stop thinking about that night. It was so horrible that I just had to… I needed to… I just wanted to see you again.” Spike let his head fall as he rested his claws at his side. “That must sound pretty cheesy, huh?”

    Suddenly, he felt a hoof lay upon his hand. Looking up he saw Twilight smiling at him with tearful eyes. “No Spike,” she began. “It’s not, because you’re not the only one whose been feeling this way.”

    The young dragon could feel a smile begin to tug at his lips. So slowly he reached over and pulled Twilight into an embrace. “Then I’m glad it’s not just me.”

    The lavender mare chuckled slightly before breaking the embrace. “Well, uh, can I get you anything? I just made some tea if you’d like some.”

    Spike nodded with a smile. “That’d be great.” However there was one more pressing matter he needed to discuss. So as Twilight began to trot away, he reached out to her, gently grabbing one of her front legs. “Wait, there is something else I need to say.”

    Twilight looked to him with some confusion as she retook her seat. “What is it?”

    Spike put a fist over his mouth and paused to consider his next words very carefully. Then he looked over at Twilight. “Twilight, you have no idea how sorry I am. I never should have gone off like that. It was wrong of me and I’ve regretted it ever since that night.”

    The lavender Alicorn sighed. “Spike, you don’t have to apologize for anything. I know why you reacted the way you did, but what I did was so much worse. I’ve always wanted to take those last words back and instead tell you how much you mean to me. We have a habit of saying stupid things when we’re angry, and I promise you I didn’t mean any of it.”

    Spike felt a small tear of joy roll down his cheek as Twilight spoke. He’d been waiting six years to hear those words and the only thing bothering him now is that he didn’t come back sooner.

    Twilight let out a light chuckle and wiped her eyes. “Great, now I’m being the sappy one.”

    At those words the pair shared a brief laugh. “So” began Twilight. “How about that tea now?”


    After a short few moments, Twilight came trotting back into the living room wielding two steaming cups in her magical grip. Spike took the cup that was presented to him and thanked her before taking a sip. It had a sweet peach flavor to it.

    “So, where have you been all of this time?” asked Twilight.

    The young dragon rested his cup on a nearby table and began to explain. “Well, I’ve actually been working in Staliongrad.”

    Twilight raised an eyebrow. “Staliongrad? Never thought I’d see a dragon there.”

    Spike chuckled briefly. “Yeah, kinda why I chose it. I just wanted to get away without actually leaving Equestria.”

    The Alicorn nodded. “I understand.”

    “Now your turn. Why are you back in the old Canterlot Castle?” questioned Spike as he looked around the room.

    Twilight found herself blushing slightly, her playful joy completely receded. “I moved back because of you. I figured that if I came here you might come back one day to see Celestia. That way I wouldn’t miss the chance. To be honest, you’re the reason why I decided not to move to Vanhoover.”

    Spike leaned back in surprise. “Me?” he said as he placed a claw over his chest.

    Twilight nodded. “Yeah, and don’t worry. I left everything in your room just the way it was, and so did Celestia.” Twilight looked away sadly at the mention of her former mentor’s name.

    “Is something wrong, Twi?”

    “No, it’s just… After you left, Celestia hated me. She blamed everything on me. And to be honest, I don’t blame her. You were raised as her son after all.”

    Spike sighed. “I’m so sorry Twilight, I didn’t even think about that.”

    The Alicorn waved a dismissive hoof. “Don’t worry about it. Now that you’re back I’m sure she’s happier than ever.”

    Spike withdrew a little, knowing what he must tell Twilight.

    Keying in on the dragon’s behavioral change, Twilight raised an eyebrow. “You did tell her, right?”

    “Twilight, I had to see you first. I’d been living without her for a while anyways, but with you…” Spike shrugged awkwardly. “Gotta set things right first, right?”

    Twilight laughed lightly. “Okay, but we’ll do that first thing in the morning. You are staying the night, aren’t you?”

    Spike tried not to seem expecting of such, so he replied “Only if you want me to.”

    “Yes!” Twilight yelped a little more loudly than she meant to. Instantly, she threw her hooves over her mouth and tried in vain to fight off an oncoming blush.

    The young dragon laughed briefly. “I’ll take that as an okay then.”


    As Spike slid his scaly body under the sheets of his old bed, he found himself being rather thankful for how Celestia had a habit of spoiling him. For instead of a small basket, like at Twilight’s library, Spike was instead laying in a twin sized bed with beautiful silk sheets and the finest feather pillows. As expected, it only took a brief amount of time for Spike’s eyes to begin to grow heavy and finally close. However, not everyone in the castle was yet asleep.

    After only a few minutes, Spike’s bedroom door opened and in came trotting a lavender Alicorn. She tried her best not to wake the sleeping dragon, but even if he stirred she had no intention of altering her plans. So, slowly, she leaned over Spike and kissed him on the cheek.

After Princess Twilight revives news that she must move for a third time Spike finds himself infuriated. In a fit of rage, he storms out, ending a lifelong friendship. Now six years later, Spike can't stop thinking of that horrible night, so he decides to return to the friend he long since abandoned. However, once he arrives in Canterlot, Spike may have found more than just an old friendship.
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